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SOMA ShowRise Supports SF Lighthouse

SOMA ShowRise Supports SF Lighthouse

SOMA ShowRise Supports SF Lighthouse | SFLUXE
Raghu Shivaram, Beth Schnitzer, Willie Brown, Sophie Azouaou

Over $10,000 was recently raised for the Meals on Heels program of San Francisco Lighthouse at a special one-night-only interior design showcase at a penthouse residence at the SOMA Grand.

Guests were ushered through three penthouse apartments, beautifully designed with pieces from Ochi & Company, Fabricut, The Sherill Collection, and DJ Mehler, among others based in the San Francisco Design Center.

After the tour, everyone watched a touching, eye-opening video about life on the streets of San Francisco, and the work that Lighthouse does in alleviating some of the struggles for food and shelter that homeless people face on a daily basis.

The evening was planned by Sophie Azouaou, Eileen Bourgade and Beth Schnitzer (of Spritz Marketing.) “The goal of the ShowRise was to show 3 different styles of penthouses with different budgets and functional needs, while raising awareness about San Francisco Lighthouse, and money for a truck to deliver food,” said Azouaou.

“The money raised at the event is going to be a huge kick-start for the growth of Meals on Heels,” said Rachel Wierenga, fundraising coordinator for San Francisco Lighthouse.

Rachel Wierenga, Olivier Jerphagnon

Guests included Willie Brown Jr., and Sonya Molodetskaya, Alain and Eileen Bourgade with her father Richard Blum, Gayle Evans, Ken and Dorothy Paige, Elizabeth Thieriot with son Josh Horowitz, Derek Holbrook with brother-in-law Ferhat Buyukkokten and wife Alev Buyukkokten, Marilyn and Michael Cabak, Melodie Johnson, Heide Betz and Scotty Morris, Jorge Maumer, Bacca Da Silva, Joel Goodrich, Charleston Pierce, Karen Tamblyn, expectant mother Alexandra Tyndall Downing, and many others, including the evening’s generous sponsors.

But the most memorable folks at the event were without doubt the Gifted Children of the Golden Gate Philharmonic, an amazing group of young violinists who performed throughout the night.

The event was dedicated to the memory of Sophie’s mentor, Bella Farrow, the beloved San Francisco philanthropist and socialite who supported innumerable organizations including St. Francis Hospital, The Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Food and drink sponsors included R&B Cellars, Wente Vineyards, La Boulange, Bisou, Artisana, and the truly special creations of Chef Alain Bourgade.

Derek Holbrook, Alev Buyukkokten, Ferhat Buyukkokten

One of the highlights of the evening was to tour the grand penthouse overlooking City Hall. Aside from the eye-catching views and decor, guests also viewed stonework from Instone Granite and Marble, quality hardware from Bouvet Hardware of France, tiles from Villeroy & Boch 1748, paint from G&R Paint, crystal faucets from French company THG, New Crypton fabric, state of the art Viking appliances and more.

Ochi Tirta, Sophie Azouaou, Teresa Rodriguez, Philip Reno
Beth Schnitzer, Joel Goodrich, Rachel Rendel, Raghu Shivaram, Kathleen Solmssen
Eileen Bourgade, Richard Blum
Gayle Evans, Kathleen Kimura
Dorothy Paige, Mark Calvano, Ben Stewart, Doug Waggener
Fati Farmanfarmaian, Elizabeth Thieriot, Josh Horowitz, Karen Tamblyn
Kevin Brown, Barbara Brown
Maria Ehmer, Natalia Urrutia
Ross Richardson, Meghan Carozza, Moanalani Jeffrey, Ellian Raffoul
Erick Irigoyen, Jennifer Ratliff, Jesse Celso
Barry Barsamiann, Carol Batte
Sophie Azouaou, Charleston Pierce, Jeff Garner
Cindy Rae, Ochi Tirta, Keiko Carreiro, Daniel Gonzalez
Beth Schnitzer, Liza Zimmerman, Nellie Muganda
Daniel Gonzalez, Rose Garcia
Christian Gardner, Nisreen Gardner, Matt Shaughnessy
Bahya Murad, Russ Naylor, Natalia Urrutia
Ale Gicqueau, Alina Gicqueau
Amelia Cisneros, Wendy Dransfield
Glen Ross, Richard Horne
Dominic Johnson, Kyle Herman
Doug Waggener, Elizabeth Carr, Kim Roberts
Shri Pendakur, Willie Brown
Petra Fant, Jay Doker
Marilyn Cabak, Willie Brown, Michael Cabak
Teri Shaw, Natalia Urrutia, Heidi Pettit
Larry Block, Mark Waggoner
Beth Schnitzer, Sonya Molodetskaya, Clara Shayevich
Teresa Rodriguez, Marius Carluci, Jennifer Fick
Carla Perissinotto, David Rosenberg
Marilyn Cabak, David Pace
Kevin Brown, Barbara Brown, Nourredine Azouaou
Jeff Applebaum, Adrienne Krug
Dorris Mehler, Vanessa Marquez
Valerie Vicente, Barbara Wilson, Nourredine Azouaou
Caroline Behler, Paul Klein
Claudia Estrada, Cesar Angulo
Charo Eisenman, Paul Eisenman
Christina Stokes, Rachel Wierenga
Erick Irigoyen, Dinara Seitova
Margaret Mitchell, Ken Henderson
Valerie Sandles, Maritza Gregory, Debbie Scarborough
Alexandra Tyndall Downing, Renee Gold
Caryl Ritter, Roland Petersen
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