Gavin’s Snub?

SFluxe rarely gets into politics, but one must for just a moment. According to Elaine Santore, in this (not really) blind item at Fog City Journal, Gavin Newsom refused to be photographed with Elizabeth Edwards when she spoke in San Francisco at the Alice B. Toklas Pride Breakfast on Sunday, an event where she made national headlines.

Photographer Luke Thomas managed to get this shot of them together with Newsom’s back to the lens, but Newsom would not stop and pose with her even while being trailed by Mr. Thomas and a photographer from the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We followed her and Gavin into that little room, and her people shut the door and told us nobody was allowed to go inside,” said Elaine, when I asked what happened. “Luke and a photographer from the Chronicle were trying to get a photo of them together, but were shut out. Gavin left the room first, and then Mrs. Edwards went down the hall to do the press conference.”

Photo by Luke Thomas, FogCityJournal, via

Elaine speculates that it’s because Newsom is supporting another Presidential candidate. But so what? When welcoming a national figure like Elizabeth Edwards to San Francisco he did so not as a buddy of Obama’s or Clinton’s, but as mayor of the city. It’s sort of sleazy — show up at the event to look good in front of local Edwards supporters and the LGBT community, but pull back so no one outside the room knows about it? Shifty political tactics do not make him look good. A well-cut suit and tie? Yes. Tacky political maneuvering? That’s got to go.