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Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Kamala Harris, Fruzsina Keehn and Dorka Keehn

Prior to its national release, the beautiful new film “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan,” was given a private screening in San Francisco, director Wayne Wang’s hometown.

Vanessa Getty, Lucy Page, Anne Wojcicki, Alison Pincus and author Amy Tan hosted the event in honor of Wang as well as Wendi Murdoch, who co-produced the film, based on the best-selling book by Lisa See.

lucy page
Lucy Page, Wendi Murdoch and Vanessa Getty

The film is a poetic meditation on friendship, and how in the case of the two women featured in the story, it can be more powerful than marital bonds, career needs or even time itself.

Allison Speer, Bill Brady, Lucy Page and Wendi Murdoch

Held on a pleasant Sunday afternoon at the ILM Premier Theater in the Presidio, guests included Denise Hale, Ken Fulk, Sloan Barnett, Ghislaine Maxwell, Ron Conway, Troy and Angelique Griepp, Bill Brady, Allison Speer, Peter Coyote, Kate Harbin and Kamala Harris, among others.

A few days later, Andrea Glimcher and Kelly Sugarman hosted a private showing of the film in New York, with Wang and Murdoch in attendance, before an audience which included Rudy Giuliani, Prince Dmitri of Yugoslavia, Barbara Walters and Martha Stewart. In other worlds, San Francisco — always at the forefront of technology, business, and the arts — did it first!

Mayor Ed Lee, Anita Lee, Amy Tan, Wayne Wang

Daniel Lurie, Norah Stone — Mary Ann Opperman, Vanessa Getty
Allison Speer, Kate Harbin — Damion Matthews, Vanessa Getty, Joel Goodrich


Troy and Angelique Griepp with Ron Conway

Joshua Robison, Yurie Pascarella, Carl Pascarella — Guests


Ron Conway and Hooman Khalili

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