Shell Cardon’s Rock n Roll

Shell Cardon’s “Joey,” Acryclic on Canvas.

SFluxe doesn’t usually discuss an event that’s months away, but there’s already been buzz about this upcoming exhibit, so now is as good a time as ever.

On September 6, MM Galleries is launching Shell Cardon’s solo show “Hear with Your Eyes — it’s visual Rock n Roll.” Mrs. Cardon’s bold work has quickly found a steady following, especially on the West Coast (she splits her time between SF and LA), so expect this to be a crowded affair!

Real Estate developer Rob Leff has a series of her paintings in his stunning Pacific Palisades residence (designed by Nicolo Bini), recently featured in California Home + Design magazine. Locally, her work is in the Slanted Door restaurant, and in private collections.

Shell Cardon’s “Yellow Submarine,” 2006, Acrylic on Canvas.

The paintings have fantastic energy, with complexity coming from her uncompromising textures, colors and shapes.

Shell Cardon’s “Jolly Rancher,” 2006, Acrylic on Canvas.

Looking at a series of her work, one notices how ambitious her project is. She seems unable to contain her zeal for the sensory experience of the art. There’s not enough color, not enough clash and dash for her. One canvas can literally contain gallons of paint, as if all that acrylic is used not to create an image but a three-dimensional form, a sculpture not of clay but of color piled upon color.

So do try to make it to the September show, but if you miss it, I’m sure you’ll see plenty more of Shell Cardon in years to come.

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