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SFO Welcomes Virgin America


These thirteen ladies got the party started for Virgin America’s launch party in San Francisco Wednesday.


Airlines have always known that high heels and long legs keep passengers happy, and as these photos by Bill Wilson show, that’s not changing anytime soon.

After the dancing act they apparently decided to entertain the crowd by throwing a little girl up in the air. One slip, and her parents would have owned the place!


Gavin Newsom was caught chatting up these two ladies, causing SFist.com to immediately declare that a distraught Jennifer Siebel was seen sobbing on a flight back to LA. They added that a source close to a friend of the Mayor’s cousin’s neighbor says he’s planning to pop the question to the chick on the right any day now.

I don’t have a silly story for these folks. They just look hot.


I think our Mayor agrees.

Finally the spiffy new Virgin America plane arrived. Notice it’s been named “Air Colbert”! Stephen Colbert was supposed to come too, but traffic on the way to the airport in New York was so bad he didn’t make it. The plane is so clean, so modern, so purty… and she tells jokes too.


Sir Richard Branson suddenly emerged from the side. Did you know the windows opened up like that?

After this friendly greeting, the gossips over at SFist.com quickly amended their post to declare that Gavin’s upcoming marriage is just a sham cover-up for his true love of Richard Branson.


  • Photos: Bill Wilson [billwilsonphotos.com]