SFluxe Reads Paris Vogue

I’ve recently decided to learn French, and figure the best French to learn would be Fashion French. Naturally, then, my textbook is Paris Vogue. The October issue — sorry, Octobre — is absolutely wonderful, and has some items of interest to San Francisco readers.

First, you have to see “Saint Olivier,” the profile of probably the most watched fashion designer in the world right now: Olivier Theyskens of Nina Ricci. One loves him for his beautiful designs, his fascinating career, and because he posed totally in the nude for this issue of Vogue. He’s the latest designer to show off his body — just as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, Rick Owens and (in the 1960s) Yves Saint Laurent have done. Expect the most fashionable — I mean, very most fashionable — to go mad for him when he makes his appearance here soon.

Also coming to San Francisco later this year — Christian Lacroix. Paris Vogue has a wonderful article about him, discussing the exhibit “Christian Lacroix, Histoire de mode,” which runs at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris from November 8 to April 6.

Next, an interview with the always witty Karl Lagerfeld about the new film “Lagerfeld Confidentiel,” which I believe is having its New York premiere this week. But can someone tell me when or if it’s going to be shown in San Francisco? Anyone? I’m afraid we’ll have to wait until the DVD comes out to see it.

There is also an article on La Phinda Getty, the gorgeous South African lodge of Tara and Jessica Getty (just to be clear, these are not the San Francisco Gettys — Tara is the son of the wildly glamorous ’60s icon Talitha Getty and Jean Paul Jr.) The article says (according to my very limited Fashion French) that you can stay at the home yourself through Tselena travel in France. Experience the beauty of Africa during the day, but live in absolute luxury and comfort at night. And by the way, Tselena has some other fabulous travel packages that are very appealing!

Finally, I’m perplexed by an ad for some really chic, black, high-waist Levi’s. The jeans are a new cut said to be inspired by Madonna — called the “471 High Waist Skinny” — and they don’t appear to be available in the United States market (they are nowhere to be found at levi.com.) I don’t get it! These super-skinny, super-sexy, super-chic jeans are good for the French, but not for us in the US, not even in the city the company was founded? Get with the program, Levi!