SFluxe Loves the SFis…

… but does the Chronicle?

I accidentally found a copy of “SFis” magazine in a street vending machine today and was delighted by it. Published by the San Francisco Chronicle, and written largely by the Chronicle’s style staff (Sylvia Rubin, Catherine Bigelow, etc.), it’s one of the few instances of a newspaper fashion supplement that doesn’t suck. It’s obviously modeled on “Paper” — which I also enjoy reading every month (modeled so closely, in fact, that I thought for a moment Paper had changed its name.)

So with such a well-thought, high quality project in their hands, why has the Chronicle kept the thing practically hidden? I’ve not seen any publicity for the project, and when I searched for archives from the magazine on the Chronicle’s website, sfgate.com, there was nothing. A search of SFis produces no results on the companies own site. Nor does the magazine itself have a site!

Come on Chronicle — don’t just use your swell style staff to get advertising dollars then just dump them off on some obscure street corner when you’re done with them. Show ’em off and treat ’em well!