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  • SFlashback: Dennis Hopper, 2007 | SFLUXE 1

    SFlashback: Dennis Hopper, 2007

    The sad passing of the legendary Dennis Hopper caused San Francisco author Laura Albert to reflect on her encounter with him a few years ago. More

  • Amanda Brooks, I Love Your Style | SFLUXE 1

    Amanda Brooks, I Love Your Style

    New York-based fashion consultant Amanda Brooks will be in San Francisco this month to promote her new guidebook to style, “I Love Your Style.” More

  • SFlashback: Opera Opening, 1955 | SFLUXE 2

    SFlashback: Opera Opening, 1955

    Long before, there was Life Magazine to showcase the glamorous gowns worn during the opening of the San Francisco Opera, as in this item from 1955. More

  • Inside The Francesca, 1922 | SFLUXE 2

    Inside The Francesca, 1922

    Built in 1923 by Gustave Albert Lansburgh, Kenneth MacDonald, and Maurice C. Couchot, the apartment building at 850 Powell Street, known as The Francesca, is a Nob Hill landmark.

    Today we take a special tour inside. More

  • SFlashback: Alan Malouf and Armani, 1980 | SFLUXE 6

    SFlashback: Alan Malouf and Armani, 1980

    People tend to forget that Giorgio Armani began his career exclusively as a designer of menswear, and that his early breakthrough as a designer was in the way he loosened up the man’s suit. More

  • SFlashback: Nan Kempner, 1952 | SFLUXE 3

    SFlashback: Nan Kempner, 1952

    One of the surprises in the premier issue of “San Francisco Brides” (the beautiful new bridal magazine from “San Francisco” magazine) is a wonderful article on Nan Kempner’s 1952 wedding, which includes photos taken at the ceremony. Nan’s wedding to Thomas Kempner took place in the Italian Room of the […] More

  • A Moment With Betty Catroux | SFLUXE 2

    A Moment With Betty Catroux

    In the world of fashion, Betty Catroux is a legendary figure. As one of Yves Saint Laurent‘s closest friends, and strongest inspirations, she has had an indirect influence on the way women all over the world have dressed since the 1960s, continuing to this very day. At a pre-opening preview […] More

  • SFlashback: Arianna Huffington, 1985 | SFLUXE 1

    SFlashback: Arianna Huffington, 1985

    After reading the lengthy profile of Arianna Huffington in the current issue of “The New Yorker” we rummaged through our archives and dug up an article from 1985, at the time that Ann Getty introduced Arianna Stassinopoulos to her future husband, Texas oil heir R. Michael Huffington (his family, then […] More

  • SFlashback: Michael Taylor, 1980s | SFLUXE

    SFlashback: Michael Taylor, 1980s

    Michael Taylor “A studly, Bunyanesque figure who showed too much chest and wore an expensive watch on each wrist, Taylor denied himself nothing and thought his clients should do the same.” The New York Times “T” Magazine ran a wonderful profileof the late great Michael Taylor this weekend, and reminded […] More

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