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SFlashback: Dennis Hopper, 2007

SFlashback: Dennis Hopper, 2007

SFlashback: Dennis Hopper, 2007 | SFLUXE 1
Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper and Laura Albert

The sad passing of the legendary Dennis Hopper caused San Francisco author Laura Albert to reflect on her encounter with him a few years ago.

The actor, who had read Laura’s book “Sarah” (he’s holding a signed copy in the photo shown here), gave her a few words of encouragement in dealing with the hassles she’d been dealing with in Hollywood.

“He told me, ‘Just you wait, you’ll be doing commercials in Japan! Then, you’ll make movies here. They’ll kiss your ass. They don’t know shit. Keep it going!’

When I told him I was being sued by Jeff Levy Hinte and director Steven Shainberg because I wouldn’t give them my life rights – he laughed! He said, ‘Well, we’re in Hollywood!'”

Laura Albert

His hearty, good-natured, kick-ass personality will be missed — not many like him come along these days.