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SFlashback: Denise Hale in 1974

SFlashback: Denise Hale in 1974

SFlashback: Denise Hale in 1974 | SFLUXE 2

Denise Hale in Adolfo, 1974. Photo by Horst. >

While skimming through the SFluxe archives recently, I was pleased to see the article that Suzy (Aileen Mehle) wrote about Denise Hale for American Vogue, October 1974. Best of all are the photos that were taken by the legendary photographer Horst — they show Denise and husband Prentis Cobb Hale at their Russian Hill co-op, and at their glorious Cloverdale ranch. Reproduced here for your enjoyment.

The San Francisco apartment is “a two-way background for both her zingy parties and for Prentis Hale’s splendid collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. Shown here, left to right: a Morrisot, a Vuillard, a Pissarro.”

“The dining room. Denise — a talented pupil of James Beard — cooks the gourmet dinners herself: ‘Eight is my ideal number. Prentis is a handy helper.'”

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“In the entrance hall, moss-green velvet walls — both Hales love Moss green — and two extraordinary Chinese cloisonne Imperial cranes holding sconces.”

“The bedroom, all sunny yellow and white. Yellow linen curtains, matching headboard, were made in Florence.”

Denise at the ranch.

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