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SFlashback: Ann Getty in 1981

SFlashback: Ann Getty in 1981

SFlashback: Ann Getty in 1981 | SFLUXE
Ann Getty, 1981
“For entertaining at home, Ann likes Dior’s black satin pyjama and beaded robe.”

From the SFluxe archives, a delightful profile of Ann Getty, which appeared in American Vogue’s October 1981 issue.

The article discussed Ann’s favorite designers, her packed cultural calendar, and the family’s fantastic travel habits.

Ann with son, Billy Getty. She is wearing Givenchy’s checked wool pants suit. He’s wearing some pretty cool Nike shoes.

“Getting ready for a picnic with her sons, Ann puts on an embroidered deerskin jacket by Canadian Indians.” The article points out that the Getty sons — Andrew, Peter, John and Billy — travel as much as their parents.

“This summer was typical of the Gettys’ travels. While Ann attended the couture collections in Paris (where she buys most of her clothes) with her husband, Andrew took a cruise up the Norwegian fjords. Peter spent four weeks studying German intensively, while his brother John spent the month of August in France.”

Ann wears Ungaro’s gold lace blouse with Saint Laurent’s black pants.

For an opening night at the opera in 1981 with husband Gordon P. Getty, Ann wore Ungaro’s black and gold lace evening dress. She said of Ungaro: “He’s smashing.” According to Vogue, “She always buys one or two outfits from each Dior collection. She’s also bought several beaded dresses at Jean Louis Scherrer. Saint Laurent, she finds, ‘fabulous,’ Chanel is right for a suit, and there always some good outfits at Givenchy.”

Working out at home with friends.