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SF20/21: Reaching into the 21st Century

SF20/21: Reaching into the 21st Century

SF20/21: Reaching into the 21st Century | SFLUXE 2
Detail of Hedge Gallery

Only in its forth year, the 2011 SF20/21, held at the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason, has had a big impact on the modern design scene, and it has continued to grow its repertoire.

Sponsored by Gucci and Christies this year, the San Francisco Art and Design Show & Sale expanded its 21POP Atelier, the collection of pop-up shops curated by Stanlee Gatti, which showcased more contemporary and cutting-edge designers, artists and artisans. This year’s selection included Anandamayi Arnold, Matt Dick, Angelina DeAntonis, Wendy MacNaughton, The Popular Workshop and Town Cutler.

Stanlee Gatti and Frish Brandt

Matt Dick in his 21POP Atelier

Joy Bianchi trying on a ring

Town Cutler’s 21POP Atelier

Stephanie Tuttle, Angelique Griepp, Jacqueline Sacks, Elizabeth Touw, Susan Dunlevy

Wendy MacNaughton in her 21POP Atelier

For the main show co-chairs Katie Schwab Paige, Allison Speer and Stanlee Gatti and honorary co-chairs Gina and Stuart Peterson collaborated with Elaine McKeon, the SFMOMA’s trustee advisor, and Designer Forum Chair Douglas Durkin. They brought together 40 of the most prominent 20th century decorative and fine arts dealers from around the country and Europe. Returning exhibitors were R20th Century Gallery and Hostler Burrows from New York, Hedge Gallery, Fraenkel Gallery, Monument, and Silverman Gallery from San Francisco, Ma(i)sonry from Yountville, Reform Gallery from Los Angeles, and The Silver Fund from London. New to the show were Almond Hartzog and Anthony Meier Fine Arts of San Francisco, Gray Gallery of Los Angeles and Paris, and Daniel Blau of London and Munich.

Nirav Tolia, Stuart Peterson, Megha Tolia

Jenna Hunt, Emily Martin

Again serious collectors, SFMOMA patrons, interiors designers and architects, as well as social A-list, all turned out to admire and procure some of the 20th and 21st centuries finest examples of high design and art. Ample sized Grey Goose cocktails, delicacies by McCall and a hot DJ kept the 700+ guests joyous and generous, including many gentlemen bestowing a modern jewel or two on blessed ladies or procuring coveted treasures for themselves.

Guests included politicians Willie L. Brown Jr. with Sonja Moledetskaya, and Matthew Goudeau, as well as collectors and design enthusiasts such as Randi and Bob Fisher, Dorothy and Ken Paige, Sara and Austin Hills, Alison and Mark Pincus, Alexis and Trevor Traina, Kathryn and Bo Lasater, Kate Harbin and Adam Clammer, Cathy and Ned Topham, Merla Zellerbach, Barbara and Larry Sonsini, Marissa Mayer and Zach Bogue, Helen Hilton Raiser, Jennifer Raiser, Jenna and Brian Hunt, Nion McEvoy, Summer and Brooks Walker III, Concepci n and Irwin Federman, Angelique and Troy Griepp, Dolly and George Chammas, Bobbie and Mike Wilsey, Susan Swig, Pat and Bill Wilson, Diane Morris, Danielle Boutros, and Mitchell Benjamin and Ricky Serbin.

Darrin Schnabel, Bill Brady, Allison Speer
Manizeh Rimer and Alison Pincus – Zach Bogue, Alexis Traina, Marissa Mayer
Dede Wilsey and John Buchanan – Suzanne Tucker and Timothy Marks

Anandamayi Arnold’s 21POP Atelier
Karen Caldwell – Claudia Juestel and Matthew MacCaul Turner

Also in attendance were architects Ronald Rael, Virginia San Fratello, Richard Beard, and Gregg de Meza, interior designers; among them, Suzanne Tucker, Jay Jeffers, Ken Fulk, Geoffrey de Sousa, Candace Barnes, Matthew Leverone, Will Wick, Cecilia Sagrera, George Brazil, Matthew MacCaul Turner, Benjamin Dhong, landscape architects Stephen Suzman and Todd Cole, and lighting designer Jonathan Browning.

Michael Purdy, Ken Fulk, Jay Jeffers, Glenn De Mattia

George Brazil, Jennifer Gustafson, Cecilia Sagrera-Hill, Greg de Meza

From furniture, lighting, jewelry, and objets d’art to paintings and photography, once again the show had it all. This year many more contemporary designers and artist were in the mix. Wunderkind David Wiseman was at hand at R20th Century, showing some of his latest creations in glass, bronze and porcelain.

Silverman Gallery exhibited an international range of current artists, such as Canadian multi-media artist Scott Treleaven, local conceptual artist Ginger Wolfe-Suarez, California photographer and sculptor Matt Lips, and Argentine multi-media artist Lucas Michael. Interior and furniture designer Charles de Lisle introduced his collection of furniture and lighting to a larger audience, and Antoinette Faragallah captivated with her ceramic pieces at Gray Gallery.

Lisa Alexander and Lindsay Bolton
Douglas Durkin – Alex Chases and Maria Manetti Farrow
Kate Watson and Eoin Harrington – Kate Harbin and Will Harbin

Jennifer Raiser and Mitchell Benjamin – Serena and Alec Perkins
Alicia Cheung, Sarah Lynch – Lillian Goodwin, Liza Cannata, Alex Turner, Ali Sonsini Turner
Amy Schoew and Sergie Azzolino – Candace Barnes, Janelle Loedner, Andrea Suarez

I am very much looking forward to what next year’s show will bring, as more 20th century treasures will see the light and new artists and designers will be discovered.