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SF Opera President’s Dinner

SF Opera President’s Dinner

Theodore Kolb, Doris Kolb, John Renard, Judith Renard

The San Francisco Opera welcomed an exclusive list of its most generous supporters for their 2010 President’s Dinner held at the Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco. About 250 guests enjoyed wines from Gloria Ferrer and Saintsbury, as well as a delicious dinner courtesy of the luxurious hotel.

Following dessert, Patricia Racette and Brian Mulligan, stars of the summer production of Faust, joined David Lomeli as they treated attendees to an amazing performance.

Linda Kemper, Christina Flanagan
David Laudon, Patrick Wilken, Randy Laroche
Marie Zderic, John Zderic

Charlotte Shultz, David Gockley
Sarah Hills, Gretchen Leach
Melissa Boxer Zill, Tracy Boxer Zill
Dede Wilsey, Howard Leach, Charlotte Shultz
Anthony Ritzie, Sylvia Lindsey, Cassandra Redd
John Gunn, Cynthia Gunn
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