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SF Luxury a Bargain

SF Luxury a Bargain

SF Luxury a Bargain | SFLUXE 2

Two for the Price of One!

According to the new issue of “Ultimate Homes” magazine, Donald Trump’s Florida mansion is the most expensive residential property currently for sale in the United States. The $125 million property is at the top of their list of the country’s 1,000 most expensive homes.

The divine Locksley Hall on Belvedere comes in at no. 5 on the list for $65 million, and since 2845 Broadway in San Francisco (which the magazine overlooked) is also going for $65 million, I think we can reach only one conclusion: buy both homes for the price of one. (Give or take a few million.)

Think about it, do you really want to be known as the person who lives in Donald Trump’s former residence? It will cost a fortune just to remove his initials from the fixtures. And Florida is boring anyway. And dangerous, with all those alligators and hurricanes. The only alligators that reach Pacific Heights come from Hermes, okay? So spend your money wisely and spend it here. You can thank us by giving us the guest house.

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