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SF Hearts Prada

SF Hearts Prada

SF Hearts Prada | SFLUXE 1

Orkut Buyukkokten‘s “I (Heart) Prada” shirt said it all — and he wasn’t the only one. Politicians, tech titans, philanthropists, fashionistas, the newly pregnant, the about-to-be-married, the just-divorced, new money, old money, hardly any money at all… they all crowded into the big, gorgeous new Prada store on Maiden Lane last week to show their love.

Orkut Buyukkokten with partner Derek Holbrook

There were the ladies brave enough to wear Prada to a Prada opening, and the ladies brave enough not to wear Prada — confusing, we know, but that’s fashion for you! The important thing is to look fabulous regardless of what label your wearing… and in our view, everyone did look fab!

Juliet de Baubigny with Allison Speer

Event planner Allison Speer always knows how to pull together the most interesting group of people, as you’ll see in the photos below. Drew Altizer and his team worked overtime in getting some fabulous photos for this event. Here are some of SFLuxe’s favorites — no easy task, considering there were over 1,000 from which to choose!

Carol Anne Werner and Michael Dianda. Michael is wearing THE pants of the season — designed by artist Damien Hirst for the Warhol Factory X Levi’s collection.
Shannon Bavaro

Vanessa Getty
Tatiana Sorokko, always turning heads!
Betty Kay Coakley, Elyssa Thorp
Brenna Guier, David Chacon
Angel Allison
Angel Susinzo (in Prada) with Frankie Wijaya
Nina Tiari (also in Prada)
Holly Welch, Amy Glass
Vicki Winston of Neiman-Marcus (who always belongs on any Best Dressed List) , with David Gorsky and John Hadeed of Torso Vintage.
Ali Hamidi, Mark Calvano
Karen Caldwell, Susan Snyder
Kate Harbin, Sobia Shaikh. Sobia, by the way, is one of the few lucky women on the West Coast who were able to purchase Prada’s new sequined envelope clutch.

Justin Fichelson with Elizabeth Touw and Keylee Sanders
Gil Cueto, Kimberly Von Koontz
Anu Gyani, Sharan Johal
Cameron Silver of Decades, with Ricky Serbin of Ricky’s Exceptional Treasures

Even OJ Shansby, one of Chanel‘s best customers internationally, stopped by to see the Prada (don’t tell Karl!)
Lindsay Bolton dressed down as the party heated up.
Lindsay with her dashing fellas, husband George Bolton and pal Alan Malouf

And speaking of “dashing”…

Gone. Elizabeth Ebbesen Touw knows how to dash from a party in high style!
Norah Stone with Chef Thomas Keller
Mayor Gavin Newsom with Thomas Keller
Gurbaksh “G” Chahal, with Leslie Gantan, Kalah Espinoza, and Toyna Chin. Popular guy!
Marissa Mayer, Orkut Buyukkokten, Jini Kim, Derek Holbrook and Zack Bogue
Amber Marie Bently with Bryan Hunt and Jenna Hunt
Ben Bolles, Nadiya Suwardi, Graziana De Boni
Bobby Sullivan with Carolyne Zinko of the San Francisco Chronicle
Alyson Jackson and Angelique Griepp
Christopher Bently, Jorge Maumer
Matt Fadness, Pandora Gee, and Robert-Michael Joseph
Marius Carlucci, Brenda Zarate
Sloan Barnett
Daru Kawalkowski, Frank Kawalkowski
Fred Moll, Allison Speer
Jenny Chiu, Coralie Langston Jones
Ali Sonsini, Marissa Fitusi
Mark Calvano, Mickey Bruce, Joel Goodrich
Pamela Donahue, Marvin Brooks, Maggie Honda
Christopher Bently, Dr. Jordan Schlain
Christine Tso and Friend
Ken Jones, Bridget Cannata
Jenna Hunt, Stacey Dobos
Adrianna Sullivan, Bobby Sullivan
Sonya Molodetskaya, Nina Kirilova, Rada Katz
Ronnie Monatlik, Jody Thelander
Peter Mossner, Betsy Linder
Robyn Paret, Alan Malouf
Beth Townsend, Marie Lehman
Laura Cunningham, Tatiana Sorokko
Jessica Moment
Kimberly Von Koontz (left) with Friend
Shannon Bavaro, Ali Hamidi
Nadir Shaikh, Sobia Shaikh
Toyna Chin, Leslie Gantan
Yurie Pascarella, Daniel Diaz
Jonathan Straley, Dale Brown
Jerome Kerr-Jarrett of DeBeers (right) with Friend
Jessica Mullens with the great nightclub promoter Martel Toler
Michelle Hall with Friend

The final assessment of the Prada store, designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, goes to dear Harry Denton, who knows his way around a store or two…

We couldn’t agree more, Harry!
  • Photos: Drew Altizer []
  • Shopping: Prada [201 Post Street]