SERENDIPITY is coming back to San Francisco with a personal and professional development conference hosted by the digital networking platform GUILD. This summit will unite more than 500 women across experience and industries with personalized workshops, experiences, curated networking meetings, engaged discussions, talks, family-style dinners, and an opportunity-filled cocktail reception.

The magic behind these connections is both the catalyst of serendipitous in-person conversations and the GUILD’s AI-powered networking algorithm that coordinates 1:1 introductions between like-minded women. This combination empowers women of all ages, across all industries to build their network to achieve their goals.

The GUILD will host salons in a beautiful location overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Each salon focuses on a cross-industry area of development from “Investing”, “Emerging Tech”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Leadership,” to  “Self-Care” with intimate, salon-style workshops, panel discussions and activity-based networking with mentors, entrepreneurs, investors and coaches.

Like last year, we’re inviting engaging workshop hosts and thought leaders to participate and share their experiences and participate in the event.


8 am WakeUp Experiences & Breakfast​

Panels and Talks ​





Happy Hour


Optional Roundtable Dinner

limited seats available – purchase your ticket before they run out. Choose your dinner before the event.​

  • 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Roundtable dinners at various offsite locations in the vicinity of the event venue.

Inspired by a need for change in the traditional professional development conference, Guild proudly considers SERENDIPITY an “unconference,” breaking the stereotype of lengthy stage presentations and 1,000 gala dinners. Instead, the conference is centered around three important values of development: learn, connect, inspire. Each woman leaves SERENDIPITY having shared authentic conversations with both speakers and attendees, developed legitimate connections to follow up with, and feel inspired to innovate their industries.


If you’re interested in hosting a salon, happy hour or gift bag sponsorship, please contact us here:

About The GUILD:

The GUILD expands women’s careers and lives through the power of AI, to create smart, human connections. With our 1:1 introductions we’re on a mission to make networking less awkward and more convenient for professional women. We host monthly activity-based networking events aimed at providing our members with the opportunity to gain skills, promote their businesses and organizations, and share best practices (and a glass of good wine) in a unique atmosphere. For more information or to attend an event, visit

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By participating in this event, you agree to abide by the GUILD’s Terms & Conditions. This means that we will send you emails about the event and add you to our bi-weekly newsletter. Your photo might be taken and we reserve the right to use it. More information in the Terms & Conditions. You also agree to the GUILD’s code of conduct, which is a respectful, harrassment-free, open-minded code of connecting with others.

DATE: June 5, 2020, 8:00 am to June 5, 2020, 8:00 pm
LOCATION: San Francisco
ADDRESS: To be announced, San Francisco, CA 94109

You can get more details, and purchase tickets for this event, at: EventBrite.