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See How Nicky Hilton Celebrated the Launch of “365 Style” in San Francisco

See How Nicky Hilton Celebrated the Launch of “365 Style” in San Francisco

See How Nicky Hilton Celebrated the Launch of "365 Style" in San Francisco | SFLUXE 3
Neiman Marcus San Francisco Union Square Hosts Nicky Hilton for a signing of 365 Style
Nicky Hilton at Neiman Marcus Union Square

Before flying to New York for the big Fashion Week debut at Barney’s of her new book, “365 Style,” Nicky Hilton recently visited San Francisco, where friends and fans got a special peak at it the very day it was released by her publishers.

Nicky Hilton with parents Kathy Hilton and Rick Hilton

Following a book signing at Neiman Marcus, where she was joined by proud parents Rick and Kathy Hilton, family friend Dr. Alan Malouf hosted a cocktail party in her honor with Isha and Asim Abdullah, who own the French fashion house Ungaro.
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Isha Abdullah[/column]
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Dr. Alan Malouf, Kathy Hilton[/column]
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Denise Hale, Nicky Hilton[/column]

Hilton’s lively book gives readers her fashion tips and tricks, a lot of amusing photos she took herself, and a useful shopping formula she’s devised called “3-6-5” (hence the title). It’s based on taking THREE aspects of your lifestyle and buying SIX staple items of clothing and FIVE essential accessories to meet those needs.

In reading the book, I was struck by how personal and thoughtful it is, unlike other advice books which tend towards the generic, and could be written by anyone. With “365 Style” you truly get a sense of Nicky Hilton and her love of fashion.

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Nicky Hilton, Dr. Alan Malouf
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Sonya Molodetskaya, Elisabeth Theriot
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Elisa Stephens, Kathy Hilton

It’s a passion that started at an early age for Nicky, thanks to her mother, who has passed down some of her vintage pieces.

“I have some amazing Zandra Rhodes, Alaïa, and Pucci from the ’80s from my mom that I love, and that I’ve taken to the tailor, reconstructed a bit, fixed the rusty zippers, taken in a little bit and now they fit like a glove.”

There was no vintage on display during her San Francisco trip, however. In the two days of her visit, she wore a Valentino evening dress, an Ungaro cocktail dress, and a Reformation mini-dress, and was stunning in each!

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Carolyn Chandler, Barbara Brown, Christine Suppes
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Lisa Goldman, Nicky Hilton, Dr. Alan Malouf
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Christine Suppes, Alan Malouf, Jeanne Lawrence

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