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Scenes of Style: Ballet 2010

Scenes of Style: Ballet 2010

Scenes of Style: Ballet 2010 | SFLUXE

Brooke Taylor, Anjelika Deogirikar

On January 20th, the San Francisco Ballet Auxiliary hosted Silver Celebration honoring Helgi Tomasson’s 25 years as Artistic Director, and launching SF Ballet’s 2010 season. It was a beautiful event and performance, and created real excitement about this, the 77th repertory season.

The real brilliance of the Ballet is on stage, but as we perused Drew Altizer’s photos from the night we were impressed by the easy, glamorous style of San Francisco’s cultural supporters.

Nicola Miner

We love how people dress for this evening each year. Symphony style has a conservative formality that can make people seem stiff and uncomfortable; Opera style is about the big dramatic statement (stunning, but sometimes overpowering to the wearer); but Ballet style is all about the body looking beautiful in movement. Here we present our favorite looks of the night, worn by these men and women as they enjoy the evening, looking wonderful while suffused by the energy of dance.

Michelle Renee

Karen Caldwell

Robin Goldman, Gail Bradley

Marissa Mayer (SF Ballet Board of Trustee), Katie Schwab

Zachary Bogue and Ken Paige

Jennifer Fick, Brenda Zarate, Lindsey Shook

Joel Goodrich, Brenda Zarate

Pamela Joyner (SF Ballet Board of Trustee Emeritus)

Suzy Kellems Dominik (SF Ballet Board of Trustee), Jennifer Raiser, Judy Singer

Laurie Sharp (Gala Chair)

Deepa Pakianathan in Blumarine

Barry Shotts, Kelly Grimes

Angelique Griepp

Alexandra Siliezar, Sarah Heidkamp

Grant Hill, Francein Hansen

Michael Nichols, Robin Farmanfarmaian

Clara Shayevich

Marius Carluci in Prada, Bahya Murad

Yurie Pascarella, with Akiko Yamazaki in Colleen Quen

Kathy Ramos, Ken McNeely

Suzanne Moller

Sloan Barnett, Randi Fisher, Roger Barnett

Anjelika Deogirikar, Kristen Marsh, Monica Floeck, Karena Akhavein

Photos: Drew Altizer []

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