Santore’s CrackBerry Chronicles

Gossip pixie Elaine Santore has a new column at FogCityJournal, and I’m glad to see it’s full of her usual spit and vinegar. She calls ABC newscaster Cheryl Jennings “a young 72,” refers to Bevan Dufty as “Buffy,” and has a run-in with Gavin Newsom‘s girlfriend Jennifer Siebel, who politely puts her down: “I don’t read any of that anymore,” said Siebel, of Elaine’s remarks on SFist. “I feel much better now that I don’t read any of that negative stuff.” Good for you, Jennifer! But for the rest of us… now you know where to go for some gossip from the San Francisco political scene.

* By the way, it appears that Elaine is no longer writing for Their loss is FogCityJournal’s gain. She kept the buzz going there. Without her what do they have? 24-hour news from the Ed Jew scandal? Surely San Francisco can have better political and cultural coverage than that!