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San Francisco Fine Art Fair

San Francisco Fine Art Fair

San Francisco Fine Art Fair | SFLUXE

First Fine Art Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nearly a Decade

On May 21, 2010, the first international SF Fine Art Fair in nearly a decade opened its doors to the public for three days of art, lectures, and events. It featured 75+ worldwide galleries, and displayed over 6000 modern and contemporary artworks by more than 500 artists.

Gwen Amber, Erin Amber

Attendees to the SF Fine Art Fair viewed and purchased works from collections held by galleries from across the globe, in a 50,000 sq. ft. setting designed to highlight a spectacular selection of modern and contemporary paintings, works on paper, drawings, printed editions, photography, and sculpture (both indoors and outdoors) by the world’s leading artists.

Tracy Boche, Kelly Purcell, Morgan Carey

Notes SF Fine Art Fair Executive Director Rick Friedman, “We’re excited to launch the new SF Fine Art Fair and to create an annual event that brings together hundreds of modern and contemporary artworks from an international array of galleries. In celebration of the launch of the 2010 SF Fine Art Fair and the fantastic local support we’ve been receiving, we decided to direct a portion of the Fair’s funds towards highlighting the rich culture of arts in the Bay Area. To that end, we’re hosting a fundraising event to help an internationally renowned San Francisco arts institution; honoring a local long time dedicated supporter of the arts; and providing financial support to an important local arts and technology organization for the installation of a truly magnificent entrance sculpture.”

Kevin Moore, John Wentz
Patricia Araujo, Kimberly Johansson
Susan Collins, Jeremy Stone

Doug Nester, Kirsten Stolle, Marshall Crossman, Julie Nester
Karen Caldwell, Jacques Pantazes, Dana Ziegler
Katherine Clarke, Earl Niendorf
Michael Meier, Laura Hespe
Carlos Saura, Briana Tarantino
Monica Duque, William Rohdes
Ruth Braunstein, Roselyne Swig
SF Fine Art Fair Nikki Brown, Rob Shooter, Christina Gerber