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Salute to Excellence

Salute to Excellence

Dr. Robert Gish, MD from California Pacific Medical Center

The Salute to Excellence Awards Gala, an annual black tie dinner and reception benefiting the American Liver Foundation, recently took place at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The event honors those who have made an outstanding contribution to biotechnology and medical innovation. The event has been held annually for over ten years, and has raised more than $3 million dollars.

Phil Pemberton and Deepa Pakianathan

Dr. Deepa Pakianathan attended the gala with her husband, Phil Pemberton, and was kind enough to pass along some photos from the evening.

“This foundation supports education and research for the prevention and cure of liver disease,” Deepa tells us. “There were some amazing people from Stanford and UCSF who were honored for their work. ”

Dr. Robert Gish, MD from California Pacific Medical Center greets Nancy Ascher, MD., PhD from UCSF

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Honoree, John Roberts, MD and his wife Nancy Ascher, MD., PhD. They are both liver transplant surgeons at UCSF

Stelios Papadopoulos with Deepa Pakianathan

Linden Young (on the right) is the Division VP at the American Liver Foundation in Northern California

The American Liver Foundation is the nation’s premiere philanthropy working to cure liver disease and highlight the critical role the liver plays in nearly all aspects of drug development and research. Consequently, the research the ALF supports is vitally important to the entire biotech and pharmaceutical drug development community.

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