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Rosario Dawson at the Clift

Rosario Dawson at the Clift

All eyes were on Rosario Dawson at the Clift Hotel last week, and for obvious reasons. She’s beautiful, friendly, smart and charismatic. As Chairwoman of Voto Latino, she was in town to launch the organization’s 2007 Inspiration Program, “VL Voices.” It’s a local awareness campaign devised to get more eligible Latino voters to register and vote in California.

The Spanish Suite was packed for the event. Gavin Newsom, shown here with Rosario and Maria Teresa Petersen, dropped by to give a few inspirational words (and, apparently, to relieve tension from Maria’s shoulders.)

Rosario herself spoke at length about the need to increase voter turnout.

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The great, legendary performer Rita Moreno was there to lend her suppor before heading back to Los Angeles to work on her new TV show. She’s still absolutely beautiful and charming!

Here, Rosario stops for a chat with Amber Marie Bently.

And here with Sophie Azaouaou. San Francisco loves Rosario Dawson. Let’s hope she’ll have many more similar events here. Hey, who knows, maybe some day she’ll be here to raise funds for her own campaign!

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