Rockin it from the Heart

Hayes Valley Boutique Gives the Skinny on Rock Inspired Denim While Still Keeping Wallets Fat

As you can imagine, SFluxe constantly gets requests to write about certain boutiques or other businesses that want publicity. We’re happy to oblige when the business has something really fabulous going on. The more fab the better, right!

Usually, though, a denim store would not be high on our list for coverage. Denim — you love it, you need it, you own it, you want more of it — what else is there to say?

And then we heard about Duke et Duchess, the new boutique that Paolo Iantorno just opened in the Hayes Valley, and suddenly we found something else to say!

We believe there are three reasons SFluxe readers will want to visit Duke et Duchess: the Price, the Product, and the Paolo…

First, the price.

Duke et Duchess has answered the call for high-class rock inspired denim with a surprising price point: an entire line averaging under $100. This gives our most sartorial denim-clad A-Listers “street cred” without missing the mark on luxe quality.

Secondly, the product.

“Our inspiration is driven from the history of Rock found in San Francisco, a fast paced movement with fashion at the forefront,” says the founder, Paolo Iantorno. The jeans are priced low, but the style is in line with what you’d expect from a $300 pair of designer denim. They also carry a selection of cute, high-quality t-shirts.

We love Paolo, and so will you.

This young designer is best known for the Italian-made shoes he designs and sells at Paolo — which has two locations in the city (524 Hayes and 2000 Fillmore.) But through speaking with friends, we discovered that Paolo is actually well known for giving back to the community, supporting some of our most notable charities.

As we always say around here, the true luxury of living well in San Francisco is to be able to help others, and to work with so many vibrant, interesting people in bettering the community. We like Paolo for his designs, but we love Paolo for his commitment to helping local charities.

So in between trying on the latest sexy rock inspired graphic tee’s, accessories embellished with heavy metal and gusseted studs, and fashion forward denim that is priced to fit, expect to see even more kindhearted philanthropy from our new Rock Royalty – DUKE ET DUCHESS.

  • Shopping: Duke et Duchess [528 Hayes St, between Laguna St & Octavia St. (415) 431-3555]