Creating Real Options for City Kids

Princess Fati Farmanfarmaian

We are very grateful to Princess Fati Farmanfarmaian for telling us about an organization called ROCK (Real Options for City Kids), which for the past 14 years has been providing sports, fitness and outdoor adventures for low income kids in the Visitacion Valley.

“One of the things that attracted me to joining ROCK as a board member was when I first saw the kids,” says Fati.

“There’s a little girl, five years old, who talks to me and says, ‘Oh yeah, I saw my father get shot in front of me.’ As if it was normal, every day life. And that really gets to you.”

As a ROCK board member, Fati recently appeared on the TV show, “SF LIVE” with executive director Curt Yagi. If you don’t know anything about ROCK, it’s a good introduction to a very worthwhile group.

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