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RN74 at The Millennium Tower

RN74 at The Millennium Tower

RN74 at The Millennium Tower | SFLUXE 2

Willie Brown, Jr., and Michael Mina

RN74, the newest wine bar and restaurant from The Mina Group, recently opened its doors on the ground floor of Millennium Tower at 301 Mission Street.

Named after Route National 74, the major thoroughfare passing through the heart of France’s Burgundy region, RN74 is the much-anticipated collaboration between longtime Mina Group Wine Director and expert sommelier Rajat Parr, former Thomas Keller Sous Chef Jason Berthold and Chef Michael Mina.

Michael Mina and Diane Mina

The 30-seat urban wine bar and 75-seat restaurant, designed by acclaimed New York City design and concept firm, AvroKO, brings to San Francisco a contemporary interpretation of the flavors, look and feel of Burgundy.

Michael Mina says “There is such excitement and passion around this opening for our team. RN74 is the realization of a decade-long dream for Raj, one of the most knowledgeable and respected wine experts in the country. Raj has created a wine bar and restaurant built around a beautiful wine program, perfectly supported and complemented by the high caliber of culinary creativity and expertise that Jason is known for. As winemakers and culinary and wine professionals, this team intimately understands wine and food.”

Frank Alizaga, Jr., Sonya Molodetskaya, Rada Katz

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RN74 offers Lunch, Dinner and Wine Bar Menus. Lunch, Monday—Friday, will begin at 11:30 am and the wine bar will serve until 11:00 pm on weeknights, with Fridays and Saturdays open until midnight.

The venue is available for private event buy-outs and bookings.

RN74 is located on the ground floor of the new Millennium Tower, 301 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. For general information, call 415-543-7474 or visit

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