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Rare Designer Fashion Sale

Rare Designer Fashion Sale

Rare Designer Fashion Sale | SFLUXE

vanessa getty

Vanessa Getty

Vanessa Getty’s passion for rescuing animals and ending animal cruelty led her to found the the San Francisco Bay Humane Friends, an organization that has performed 5,000 free spay-neuter surgeries across the Bay Area since 2006. She recently helped fund her efforts by putting together the PURR fashion fundraiser, which raised $320,000!

The event was so successful that she has decided to expand it by offering even more of her rare designer pieces for sale to a broader audience, via ebay at

The auction features a stunning selection of designer clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. Some examples: dresses from Thakoon, Roberto Cavalli, Oscar de la Renta, and Yves Saint Laurent, a new Burberry bag, an Hermes scarf, Brian Atwood shoes, and much more from almost every designer you can think of.

Stephanie Milligan — Gina Pell, Zem Joaquin

Dana Dowell-Windatt, Sarah Woodberry-Trauner — Nikki Tortorice, Jacqueline Sacks

Designer clothing for the sale was donated from the closets of top celebrities including: Ellen Degeneres, Portia di Rossi, Nicole Kidman, Amber Valletta, Michelle Monaghan, Maria Bello, Connie Nielsen, Danielle steel, Natasha Greyson Wagner, and Lori Loughlin.

Tracy McLaughlin, Suzanne Galuszka — Allison Speer, OJ Shansby

Nordstrom provided their visual team to style the event, their sales people to volunteer to help sell, as well as shopping and garment bags.

Alexis Traina, Jerome Molles — Mary Beth Shimmon, Marcy Carmack
Stephanie Ejabat, Suzy Kellems Dominik; Sabrina Buell

Just go to to access pieces from the PURR sale, and know that you’re shopping will benefit an excellent cause!