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Putting Care Into Action

Photo from Congo, by Alissa Everett

Have you seen the recent news items about how grim the situation in Congo is getting? The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees just warned that the security situation in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is “rapidly deteriorating,” as Hutu rebels step up attacks after a government operation against them came to an end.

Militia groups in the north and central areas of the province are attacking civilians and targetting humanitarian relief convoys and NGOs.

In the middle of this are thousands of women survivors who have been raped, or have been forced to watch as their loved ones are attacked and killed.

Thanks to the brave efforts of photographer Alissa Everett, we are able to not only get the stories of these people, but actually put a face to the suffering, so we’re able to better understand what is happening. We all know it’s bad, but we don’t know how bad until we see it for ourselves.

It may not be fun or pretty, but we feel it’s important that you go to alissaeverett.com to see her reports from Africa.

Part of her work is funded through the fundraising and outreach of Care Through Action, an organization she co-founded with Executive Director Diana Britt, Gina Pell, Amy Parker and Claudia Ross. Local supporters include Claudia Juestel, Tenika Small, Kate Smith, Mireille Schwartz, Kristen and Ty Harper, Peter Freudenthal and other generous individuals.

Care Through Action’s mission is to raise awareness about the conflict in Congo and the resulting widespread sexual violence against women and girls, and to raise funds to assist the survivors regain their lives. They recently raised money to benefit charities operating in and around Goma, Congo, and continue to look for ways to help.

Donations to Care Through Action can easily be made via facebook.