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Profiting from Da Vinci

Profiting from Da Vinci

Profiting from Da Vinci | SFLUXE

While reading an article about how good “The Da Vinci Code” has been for European tourism, SFluxe was surprised to see a reference to Marin’s Olivia Hsu Decker:

Olivia Hsu Decker, the Chinese-American owner of Chateau de Villette on the Paris-outskirts, which appears in 20 chapters of The Da Vinci Code as the home of bad guy Sir Leigh Teabing, is charging $9,000 a day for a rental.

Ms. Decker, a San Francisco-based realtor who sells only houses valued above $5-million (U.S.), has a good eye for Da Vinci industry financial returns. Her other chateau outside Aix-en-Provence she advertises as being on the pilgrims’ path of Mary Magdalene, who in Dan Brown’s novel marries Jesus and bears his children, who later become the Merovingian kings of France. And a journalist invited for lunch at the Chateau de Villette is discreetly billed 32 euros ($45) after coffee.

Nine thousand dollars a day too much, you say? Well look at what you get! Worth every penny — all nine hundred thousand!

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  • Article: “Da Vinci Profitability is a Code Well Cracked” [Globe and Mail]
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