Please Don’t Call It Rubygate

Ruby Tourk — the woman behind it all. Photo by Luke Thomas for

Update: 10:01 pm, 1/31: Already twenty-some stories about the Newsom-Rippey-Tourk affair, and it’s only been an hour since the story was first published. Looks like it’s gonna be a long lonely night up on Russian Hill…

Update 10:55 pm, 1/31: The story made the Drudge Report at 10:49pm.

Update 11:05 pm, 1/31: Beyond Chron asks “Can Newsom Survive Ragone and Tourk Scandals?” Unconfirmed rumors at “The Wall”, say Newsom may be resigning because of this. More public comments at


Ruby Tourk works as Benefit Magazine’s radio and TV personality. Yes, that’s right, the same magazine that the former Mayoral squeeze, Miss Brittanie Mountz, recently started writing for (SFgate has a photo of her on an assignment for the magazine last month, as she stands just inches away from Gavin and his latest girlfriend… on the other side of the red carpet.) Does that make Benefit’s Tim Gaskin this scandal’s Vernon Jordon? Instead of sending the inconvenient ladies to Revlon, they go to Benefit.