Play Fashionista FaceOff

As recently mentioned by Carolyne Zinko in the San Francisco Chronicle, and covered by 7×7 Magazine, and the, an exciting new game has been launched on Facebook called Fashionista FaceOff.

Developed by Viroxoty Studios in San Francisco (co-owned by the publisher of this site), Fashionista FaceOff was created as a way for people to get together who enjoy the glamour, glitz and excitement of fashion.

It is free to join the game, and enter the weekly fashion challenge. Players simply shop among a selection virtual boutiques (featuring clothing inspired by the world’s greatest fashion designers), and create as many outfits as they’d like. They then send their looks out to the runway to be judged by thousands of aspiring fashionistas. It’s highly addictive!

At the end of the year, a panel of guest judges (including fashion show produce Charleston Pierce, fashion stylist Karen Tamblyn, TV personality Keylee Sanders and host Joel Goodrich) will determine the “Fashionista of the Year” from the world’s top players.

We think you’ll enjoy all of the chic, colorful clothing, and have fun creating some wild looks!

To play:

  • Go to
  • Select a store in “Fashionista City”
  • Buy your virtual wardrobe (you start off with 2,000 in currency)
  • Dress your model in your virtual dressing room
  • Enter the runway and become a fashion star!

See you on the runway!