Pix not Swell

This weekend we saw the first issue of the San Francisco Chronicle without Catherine Bigelow‘s “Swells” column. They’re replaced her section with something called “Pix”.

Thomas J. Gibbons society photos remain, but Bigelow’s breezy insight is gone, and I’m afraid it’s rather dull as a result. Let’s hope the Chronicle management sees the error in their ways and brings her back!

On a related topic, the “Pix” photos of Maxx Traina with mother Danielle Steel and friend Jacqueline Fritz at the Debutante Ball are adorable. I must note, however, that the Chronicle incorrectly spelled his name, in the conventional and un-sexxy manner (Max.) It’s double-X Maxx, folks!

That’s a mistake the all knowing Bigelow would never make.