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Pighunt in Boonville

Pighunt in Boonville

Pighunt in Boonville | SFLUXE 2

Robert Mailer Anderson with wife Nicola Miner at the 2008 Mid-Winter Gala

In anticipation of the October 23rd premiere of “Pig Hunt,” the eclectic horror movie co-written by Robert Mailer Anderson and his cousin Zack Anderson, comes this amusing article, which we recommend you take a look at.

The film is going to be great fun. Apparently it is centered around a 3,000-pound boar named the Ripper which terrorizes the folks of Boonville, up in Mendocino county.

Anderson, who now lives on one of the best blocks of Pacific Heights, spent his childhood in Boonville.

“I have a cameo in the film,” he says. “I’m one of the rednecks and that’s not by any mystery. That’s where I feel at home. That’s whose team I’m on.”