Paulie in Vogue | SFLUXE 2

Paulie in Vogue

“Tall, trim, and blue-eyed, he looks like a more earnest version of Luke Wilson.”

That’s how “Men’s Vogue” describes Paul Pelosi, Jr., in this month’s issue.

The dreamy 38-year old son of Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi, Sr., is featured in the magazine as “The Environmentalist” for his work on San Francisco’s Commission on the Environment, a position he was appointed to by Willie Brown in 2003.

The magazine’s Susanna Howe photographed “Paulie” (as he is referred to by “the family”, and will henceforth be referred to by SFluxe because, after all, we’d like to be family) in an Oxxford suit ($2,595) and Armani shirt and tie ($1,135 for both), at the Cliff House. This despite the fact he lives in the Marina, and probably never lunches at the Cliff House, and certainly not while wearing almost $3,000 of merchandise, but it’s a fashion shoot — what do you expect?

Here’s a quick summary of the piece (you can read the whole thing here):

  • Gavin Newsom is his cousin (by marriage not blood)
  • He’s been reading “Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Fireside Chats,” “Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Bon Voyage Mr. President,” and “Thomas Paine: The Crisis.”
  • He collects magnets and other useless doodads
  • He doesn’t drink
  • He works out at the Olympic Club
  • For breakfast: iced tea and six eggs
  • Lives in a Marina apartment, and never turns on the heat or AC (to save electricity)
  • Uses Muni and his “Smart car”
  • Has a J.D. and M.B.A. from Georgetown
  • Might have an eye on politics later down the road

Also in this month’s Men’s Vogue…

George Shultz buys a new suit, and it has his name all over it. Literally.

The former Secretary of State, who resides on Russian Hill, recently appeared at a dinner wearing a suit made of fabric with his name weaved into the pinstripe. Also from Oxxford Clothes (like the suit Paulie wears above), it cost about $5,000. They will weave it to say anything you want.

Says Wilkes Bashford‘s Greg Gonzales: “Not that many people do it — maybe a couple each year… You need to have a tremendous ego or a wonderful sense of humor. Or both.”