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Patrick McDonald is a Living Doll

patrick mcdonald

I recently fell in love with a delightful book called “Four Famous Dandies,” a colorful little amusement which spotlights the style of Beau Brummell, Oscar Wilde, Duke of Windsor and Patrick McDonald.

Created by illustrator Jim Howard for Paper Studio Press, it’s actually a paper doll book! Most paper doll books feature women, but this one is quite rare not only because the paper dolls are male, but because one of the subjects is still living — Patrick McDonald.

patrick mcdonald

Known as “The New York Dandy,” Patrick is an unforgettable presence on the international fashion scene, but especially in New York where he’s often seen at the best parties and fashion shows. He recently gained national notoriety with TV audiences, who enjoyed watching him battle it out with designer Roberto De Villacis on Bravo’s “Launch My Line.”

Few people on earth have ever been as passionate about clothing as he, and he’s proud to admit it. He recently told the Chronicle, “What’s wrong with vanity? We should present ourselves as best we can. I’d rather wear a caftan and slippers than camouflage cargo shorts.”

This book, with its colorful illustrations and whimsical subject matter, probably won’t inspire any men to give up cargo shorts for caftans, but it is sure to become a fashionista collector’s item!