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Paris in September

Paris in September

Paris in September | SFLUXE 1

The SFluxe travel agent is standing by. Paris. September. 2006. Just give us the date, and we’re off! For it is sometime in September 2006 that the Jolie-Pitts — yes, the one and only Jolie-Pitts — will be launching their new line of housewares.

We’ve learned that the pair are working with local craftswomen in Namibia to create pottery, rugs and other household goods to sell at a big Paris art fair (is it the Geste d’Arte? Someone who knows Paris well, do tell!) Proceeds will go to the Namibian people (the Angelina Jolie rug and Brad Pitt basket– that’s going to our place!)

Now if we could just get them to display their wares at one of our fairs. Surely they’d be a hit at Folsom Street.

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