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  • Oh the Hell of it All

    Newsflash from the LA Times: Pat Montandon “still doesn’t care much for Dede Wilsey.” And what does Dede think of Pat? “I wish her well and hope that she might be able to get on with her life one day.” As she’s now 78 years old, it better happen soon. […] More

  • The Fishers in New York

    The New York Observer reports that Sakurako and William Fisher (of The Gap family Fishers) just bought a $2.9 million apartment at The Pierre in New York. Article: “Manhattan Transfers” [] More

  • Living Well on Moscow and France | SFLUXE 2

    Living Well on Moscow and France

    Living well in San Francisco doesn’t require a lot of money, designer labels, fame, or even taste. As the owners of this home show, having the ability to design your living space the way you want without paying any attention to what others think (whatsoever!) is the basis of true […] More

  • Celeb Sightings, Anyone?

    Tomorrow night DJ AM will be celebrating his birthday in San Francisco. Formerly linked with Nicole Ritchie and Mandy Moore, he is now said to be dating Vogue cover model Jessica Stam. But will Jessica be his birthday date, or will another Hollywood hottie help him celebrate his 35th? SFluxe […] More

  • Peter Dundas Week in California

    Emanuel Ungaro designer Peter Dundas (seen above with Michele Hicks and Melissa George) is spending the week in California, and from the look of things he’s a huge hit. His early collections for Ungaro received mixed reviews as he tried to create a vision for the label, but Fall ’08 […] More

  • Leaving Las Vegas for Russian Hill?

    Guess who owns this Russian Hill mansion. Built in 1914, it was on the market for approximately $9.4 million before a Hollywood actor bought it in September. I wonder if he bought it for it’s great view of “the rock”? (Oh, I’ve made it tooo easy!) More

  • Perfection in Porcelain

    I love the folks at Cuteness Burger for making this discovery: divine little porcelain figures used as jewelry! I find it the ultimate. Created by Bodo Sperlein, these pieces suddenly make gold and silver seem hopelessly passe. More

  • For the Guys

    Tonight and Friday night it’s “March Madness” over at MR. Watch sports on the big screen and drink some beers with your buddies. Brought to you buy the guys at Vintage415 and barbershop MR. Happening from 5:00 – 9:00, March 22nd and 23rd, at MR. @ 560 Sacramento. More

  • And the Winner is…

    Boulevard has been nominated for the third consecutive year as the country’s best restaurant. Unfortunately it has yet to win the honor. This year it is up against Frontera Grill and Spiaggia in Chicago, Picholine in New York, and Magnolia Grill in Durham, North Carolina. Will it win the prize […] More

  • A Million Dollars Isn’t Enough

    Here’s some uplifting news. A 60-year old who retires today on $1 million, will die in poverty if she doesn’t earn more money. Luckily her new Manolo Blahniks are a great investment. Article: “To Millionaires: Count Your Pennies” [Investment News] More

  • SF iS superCHIC

    Since Paper folded, it’s now like Christmas whenever SFiS arrives. There’s something about those huge pages that makes it seem so much more glamorous than a normal magazine. It’s like the early version of W, when fashionable people still read that magazine. Some highlights from the April issue: A report […] More

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