One-hundred-eleven-thousand. (A nice, neat little number.) That’s how many households in the SF Bay Area are worth more than a million dollars, according to Merrill Lynch. That number does not…

Cool New Stuff at Lacoste

Mmmmmm, cupcakes… We’re sorry we missed last week’s party at Lacoste. Not only for the cool new shoes they were launching, but for the yummy looking cupcakes, like those above…


Harputs Market

We’ve been hearing so much about Harputs Market, it’s driving us mad that we’ve not had a chance to go in yet. We didn’t even go to their opening party!…
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Trouble at Di’s Palace?

Before DiFi: After DiFi: Notice the difference? So did the City, and officials weren’t happy about it, according to Matier & Ross: Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her mega-millionaire husband, Dick…
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Luxury Learning Curve

The Chronicle’s Sylvia Rubin has written a fascinating profile of the people you see above: Asim and Isha Abdullah. SFluxe had never heard of them until the piece — it…

Barney, Bjork and Blubber

If you missed the world premiere of Matthew Barney‘s new film “Drawing Restraint 9” in San Francisco last week (which was attended by Barney, who was raised in Mill Valley),…