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  • Go Shopping!

    Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, with Sarah Berger. Photo by Orange Exposure. I thought of going to the Commonwealth Club on the 23rd for the appearance by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Afterall, they’ve changed life on planet Earth as we know it. They’re important! But then I […] More

  • Only Silver Will Do | SFLUXE

    Only Silver Will Do

    As you know, San Francisco isn’t a town where one thinks much about luxury cars, but outside the city limits, it’s a topic bordering on obsession. It’s one of the things that guys will gossip about. I mean, straight guys. They don’t care who wore what where, but if Steve […] More

  • Get It While You Can

    Homes priced at $3 million to $5 million in San Francisco’s exclusive Pacific Heights neighborhood “fly off the shelf,” says Pacific Union broker Steve Gothelf. And according to Katherine August-deWilde, COO at San Francisco-based First Republic Bank, “Demand for homes over $3 million is extremely strong and people who can […] More

  • Sequins on Sunday | SFLUXE

    Sequins on Sunday

    I still have the scar on my cheek. A warning to those who go to the drag queen show at the Starlight Room: Casandra Cass‘s dress doubles as an exotic Kung-Fu weapon. Imagine it, a 6-foot drag queen covered in glitz, coming at you twirling as you sit helplessly in […] More

  • Vanessa’s Santa Monica Moment

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, with Vanessa Traina. © Patrick McMullan In a room crowded with some of the biggest names of fashion and Hollywood, there’s a lot of pressure on a gal to look her best. At last week’s spectacular Chanel show in Santa Monica, Vanessa Traina showed ’em how […] More

  • Pacific Heights Pacifiers

    “The moment you have to negotiate with a toddler, you are done.” Those words of warning come from Lonna Corder, who runs the Montessori preschool at Ann & Gordon Getty’s Pacific Heights home. Corder believes that children should stop using pacifiers at around 6 months of age. “Take it away […] More

  • GOOG+WOJ Marriage Confirmed

    Photo by Esther Dyson, via Flickr. The bride wore white. A white swimsuit. Reuters has confirmed that Sergey Brin did indeed marry Anne Wojcicki (shown above) earlier this month. The Google co-founder and his biotech entrepreneur sweetheart exchanged vows at David Copperfield’s property on Musha Cay, in the Bahamas, sometime […] More

  • Whatever Happened To…

    At, a cheeky little piece entitled “Gavin Girlfriends Update.” Don’t you love it? It includes a sweet photo of Kimberly Guilfoyle with her little boy, Ronan Anthony Villency. More

  • Francis Ford Coppola

    Francis Ford Coppola at his new winery, Rosso & Bianco This is a productive year for local filmmaker and vintner, Francis Ford Coppola, making full use of all his talents: this Summer, a new winery, and in the Fall a new film. He unveiled his new winery in Geyserville, called […] More

  • Cutest Couple of the Month | SFLUXE

    Cutest Couple of the Month

    I think all San Francisco has gone mad for Christopher and Amber Marie Bently. And rightfully so! More than any other social couple, they seem totally OF San Francisco. They’re supporters of the arts and the environment, they’re tremendously well liked, they’re fabulously dressed, they’re rich but not ostentatious or […] More

  • So Ugly She Wore It Twice? | SFLUXE 1

    So Ugly She Wore It Twice?

    Kate Spade wore the same hideous outfit to two major media events. On the left, she is shown with husband Andy Spade, May 2nd, at The Modern Ball in San Francisco; on the right, May 7th, at the Costume Institute gala in New York. Did she think we wouldn’t notice? […] More

  • On Fire at the Ball | SFLUXE

    On Fire at the Ball

    Who is this fabulous woman? Drew Altizer photographed her at The Modern Ball looking totally HOT. Ever since Marlene Dietrich, we’ve known that a white suit on a woman is one of the chicest things possible– but with the lacy top and the boobs positioned just so, and with that […] More

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