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    Surely you’ve read the amusing Wall Street Journal piece about Larry Page‘s and Sergey Brin‘s big fancy airplane by now, so you don’t need SFluxe to point it out to you (read it here!) But what we want to know is why they only have ONE jet. Isn’t that a […] More

  • Confessions from the Velvet Ropes | SFLUXE

    Confessions from the Velvet Ropes

    San Francisco isn’t much of a velvet ropes town. Unlike New Yorkers, people here are a bit less neurotic about how their social status is gauged by which table they sit at at which restaurant, whether they’re seated front row at a fashion show, how many times their name appears […] More

  • The $9 Million Pigeon House Mystery | SFLUXE

    The $9 Million Pigeon House Mystery

    We were about to remark that now is the perfect time for Francophiles to go shopping for Bay Area real estate, due to the fact there are two homes for sale that are modelled on 18th century French architecture. Yet in doing so, we became perplexed about something, and hope […] More

  • SF in the Times | SFLUXE 1

    SF in the Times

    Two figures from San Francisco society appeared this weekend in the New York Times. First, Vanessa Getty. Looking beautiful in an ad for Judith Leiber, Mrs. Getty was cited as an example of socialites who pose for luxury companies. The Times’ Eric Wilson cheekily noted that “Rich people, it turns […] More

  • Harvard Still Wating For Ellison’s Check

    (photo, Bart Nagel) Forbes reports that Larry Ellison has still not followed up on his pledge to donate $115 million to Harvard University, yet he has spent approximately $200 million on his yacht. As his net worth is estimated at $16 billion, it’s puzzling that he hasn’t given the university […] More

  • 111,000

    One-hundred-eleven-thousand. (A nice, neat little number.) That’s how many households in the SF Bay Area are worth more than a million dollars, according to Merrill Lynch. That number does not include home values. Only New York, LA and Chicago exceed the Bay Area on the percentage of millionaires as part […] More

  • Today SF, tomorrow Seychelles | SFLUXE 1

    Today SF, tomorrow Seychelles

    Donna with Jo Schuman Silver and Denise Hale She’s in a Seychelles state of mind. Fiji, Bali, Seychelles, and Kenya were on Donna Karan‘s travel itinerary last week after stopping off in San Francisco for the Nordstrom fashion show at the DeYoung. Jim Shi from Fashion Week Daily reports on […] More

  • Cool New Stuff at Lacoste

    Mmmmmm, cupcakes… We’re sorry we missed last week’s party at Lacoste. Not only for the cool new shoes they were launching, but for the yummy looking cupcakes, like those above (AND below… doesn’t the guy on the right look like Desperate Housewives’ hunky James Denton?) We used to think of […] More

  • Out with... Tatiana and Serge Sorokko | SFLUXE 1

    Out with… Tatiana and Serge Sorokko

    Merla Zellerbach of the Nob Hill Gazette had a chat with Tatiana Sorokko recently about her husband’s sexy new status as a Chevalier: Russian-born and Grant Ave. gallery owner Serge Sorokko is sporting a small green insignia in his lapel that designates him a Chevalier des Artes et Lettres from […] More

  • Care to Take a Seat? | SFLUXE 1

    Care to Take a Seat?

    Which San Francisco art patron has his eye on this fantastic aluminum lounge by Marc Newsom? (No relation to the Gavin.) Featured in the upcoming Sotheby’s auction “Important 20th Century Design,” the handmade fiberglass and aluminum chair from 1986 is expected to go for at least $800,000. And it’s not […] More

  • Harputs Market

    We’ve been hearing so much about Harputs Market, it’s driving us mad that we’ve not had a chance to go in yet. We didn’t even go to their opening party! From what everyone is saying, though, it’s the hottest new shop since Dylan. DailyCandy likes their “Impeccably tailored, military-inspired suits […] More

  • The Difference Between Cats and Dogs

    Last month we told you about the Louis Vuitton-inspired cake. Now for the Vuitton-loving dog owner comes the “Chewy Vuitton” squeak toy. Fun, yeah? Although we do have to note that the pattern is like two years ago. Not that a dog would know. A cat on the other hand […] More

  • Out with... Blanc de Chine | SFLUXE 1

    Out with… Blanc de Chine

    Wilsey Hall was the setting for a recent gathering for supporters of the Asia Society’s chicest supporters, there to attend a show of Eastern-inspired designs in celebration of the organization’s 50th anniversary. The most recent collection by Blanc de Chine was featured in the show, with the DeYoung museum’s black-and-white […] More

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