Pacific Heights Pacifiers

“The moment you have to negotiate with a toddler, you are done.”

Those words of warning come from Lonna Corder, who runs the Montessori preschool at Ann & Gordon Getty’s Pacific Heights home.

Corder believes that children should stop using pacifiers at around 6 months of age. “Take it away when your child’s brain can handle it,” she recently told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “If you wait too long, getting rid of it becomes a bad struggle.”

Jenny Thomas, an occupational therapist at the Getty school, agrees. She said, “I know 3-year-olds who are trying to fall asleep and who throw lots of tantrums, and the only way they can fall asleep is with a pacifier… I say bite the bullet earlier and have a week of hell rather than months of hell when they are 3-years-old.”

But this is what happens when your pacifier is by Dior.

What child would want to part with this adorable Baby Dior item (available at eLUXURY for $45.00)? The clear plastic pacifier has a Dior logo printed on a white center, and comes with a protective domed container that easily snaps shut (and yes, the all-important Dior logo is embossed on front.) Plus, it comes in an adorable gift bag with little bowtie (in pink, blue or grey.)

If the Montessori school is oppsed to pacifiers, there’s a simple solution — ban the Dior. No child of true style would be caught dead with Gerber.