PacHeights Prison Pralines

Ann Getty unexpectedly shows up in a profile on Robert King Wilkerson today. Wilkerson, a former Black Panther, was falsely jailed and placed in solitary confinement in a Louisiana prison for 29 years. While there he used his ingenuity to figure out how to cook pralines, and apparently they’re really good. So good that in November Ann Getty invited Wilkerson into her Pacific Heights home to make them.

From the American Statesman:

“A living political art installation, he arrived each morning at 8:30, made pralines in her restaurant-size kitchen all day and left at 4. At the end of the two weeks, she presented him with a new industrial-size stove. It would take up almost his entire living room/bedroom, though, so it has stayed in California.”

His candies are for sale online at $3 a bag.