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Out with Zara Traina

Out with Zara Traina

Two public sightings of Zara Traina in one week? It’s almost too much to handle. We’re fascinated by this young lady! Not sure why, but think it must be the hair. The hair is pure fab.

Katie Traina, Zara Traina, Danielle Steel, Todd Traina

The first sighting came unexpectedly at the John Varvatos opening. Zara was following closely behind mother Danielle throughout the evening looking… how shall we say it? Bored out of her mind will suffice.

And who could blame her — the store is full of men’s clothes. Suits! Does Zara look like she cares about pantsuits? We must say, however, that she did cheer up nicely for the photo that Drew Altizer took.

Zara Traina and Friend, by Luke Thomas,

The other sighting was at the the launch of Shu Uemura’s Art of Hair collection at the Oxenrose Salon in the Hayes Valley. SFLuxe friend Elaine Santore reported, “Zara declined to have her photograph taken with me but I consider being dissed by a Traina to be kind of an honor.” Somehow we suspect she’s not the only one with that honor.