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Out with… Blanc de Chine

Out with… Blanc de Chine

Out with... Blanc de Chine | SFLUXE 1

Wilsey Hall was the setting for a recent gathering for supporters of the Asia Society’s chicest supporters, there to attend a show of Eastern-inspired designs in celebration of the organization’s 50th anniversary.

The most recent collection by Blanc de Chine was featured in the show, with the DeYoung museum’s black-and-white Gerhard Richter painting as backdrop. The line is only available from boutiques in Hong Kong, Beijing and New York.

Established in 1986, the company is known for producing elegant, up-to-date interpretations of traditional Chinese design, inspired by Buddhism and Taoism. Especially divine is the chang pao, or “scholar’s robe”, that is a constant throughout their collection year by year (seen on the guy below, to the left).

Who knew Buddhist fashion could be so hot?

(All photos courtesy of Drew Altizer.)

  • Official Site: Blanc de Chine
  • Official Site: Asia Society, San Francisco
  • Photographer: Drew Altizer
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