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Only Silver Will Do

Only Silver Will Do

Only Silver Will Do | SFLUXE

As you know, San Francisco isn’t a town where one thinks much about luxury cars, but outside the city limits, it’s a topic bordering on obsession. It’s one of the things that guys will gossip about. I mean, straight guys. They don’t care who wore what where, but if Steve Jobs is seen driving a new car, they all suddenly turn into Louella Parsons.

And that’s just what happened this week when Valleywag did an item on the cars driven by the Billionaires of Silicon Valley.

First, someone posted this photo of Steve Jobs driving on Highway 101 in his silver Mercedes SL55 AMG.

Someone else quickly followed up by posting a photo of the car in its parking space. Notice anything odd? That’s right — Jobs refuses to keep a license plate on his car. he is said to keep them in his trunk in case he gets pulled over. Says one cheeky observer:

“His Lordship The Imperial Steve doesn’t like the look of plates: they spoil the lines and sheer Silveryness of his cars. “

A photo was unearthed of Peter Thiel in his McLaren SLR, taken in September (the man you see above is Luke Nosek. Peter is driving. When you’ve spent about $500,000 on a car, you tend to do that.)

When one reader claimed he had seen Larry Ellison on Sunday, “heading East down Woodside Rd. in his new 2007 Bentley GTC Convertible (silver/tan interior, like the model shown above), humming along at 35mp, chatting on his celly-cell” he was quickly informed that Ellison is in Spain.

But what silliness! Everyone knows that a man of Larry’s abilities can be two places at once.

Expect more Auto-Stalking at Valleywag in coming days, as they’ve asked readers to send in more. One photo you won’t likely see — Larry and Sergey’s hybrids. I mean, that’s just not Auto-Porn. What everyone really wants to see is the jet. I know I do.

From. The. Inside.

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