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Omid Kordestani’s $33 Million Year

Omid Kordestani’s $33 Million Year

Omid Kordestani's $33 Million Year | SFLUXE 4

A reader recently pointed out a new use for Google: it makes a nifty ATM!

And not just any ATM, but one that spurts out millions of dollars at a time. What fun! Well, at least it is for Omid Kordestani, the company’s Senior VP for Global Sales & Business Development. Two million one day, a million the next — he’s been selling off his shares throughout 2008, for a grand total of at least $33 million.

Most of his stock sales occurred in August and September 2008, between $400 and $509.48 per share. He has sold nothing below the $400 mark (GOOG now trades at $300.36 as of writing), suggesting to us he’s expecting the price to jump back up to $400+ in the future.

The previous year, he had exercised some of his stock options for approximately $32.7 million, according to

So what did Kordestani get for his money? Well, we don’t know what ever came of those rumors he was moving to London, but we do know he bought a magnificent condo at the famed new Manhattan highrise 15 Central Park West.

Kordestani bought unit 16-17C, a 5,416-square-foot, 4-bedroom, unit with a 405-square-foot terrace, for $29.5 million in March 2008. Lloyd and Laura Blankfein (he’s chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs), are his neighbors.

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Also in March, he donated $3 million to San Jose State University, where several years ago he received a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering.

We have no idea if Kordestani has any ideas to write a book, but we’d love to hear his story of how a kid from Tehran moves to the US, gets educated in San Jose, and ends up living in a $30 million New York condo!