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Obsolete Opens in San Francisco

Obsolete Opens in San Francisco

Obsolete, the fantastic new design shop that just opened in Potrero Hill, takes as its inspiration these words from photographer Diane Arbus:

“There are and have been and will be an infinite number of things on earth. Individuals all different, all wanting different things, all knowing different things, all looking different.

Ray Azoulay and Vanessa Getty
Ray Azoulay and Vanessa Getty

Everything that has been on earth has been different from any other thing. That is what I love: the differentness, the uniqueness of all things and the importance of life… I see something that seems wonderful; I see the divineness in ordinary things.”

In its celebration of differentness and uniqueness, could there be a more appropriate place for Obsolete than San Francisco? We think not, and from the large turnout at the store’s recent opening, the whole City agrees.

It seemed that everyone of influence in the design world was there, celebrating the welcome new addition. As Vanessa Getty, who co-hosted the private opening, said to the Chronicle, “Obsolete’s got a different vibe. It’s a breath of fresh air.”

Vanessa Getty
TR Knight, Vanessa Getty and Ray Azoulay

Actor TR Knight; with Mark Cornelsen and Ray Azoulay

The San Francisco location (at 411 Vermont, under the same roof as Therien & Co., and Blackman Cruz) is the second Obsolete shop to be opened by Ray Azoulay — the first is in Venice, California. Several of Azoulay’s friends and clients, such as Mark Cornelsen and actor TR Knight, flew in from southern California for the opening.

There are some truly marvelous objects to be found at Obsolete, our favorites being the Santos sculptures from the 17th – 19th centuries. But the best thing about it is that when you go there you know you’ll find something totally unexpected.

Britney Lovett, Windsor Smith, Andrea Stanford and Vanessa Getty




David Cruz, Ray Azoulay, Brooks Hudson Thomas and Kristen Smith
Ross Cassidy and Jeffrey Allen
Tony Jenkins, Tim Wu; Andrin Schweizer, Niels Humpert
Allison Speer, Shannon Smith; Jenna Hunt, Jeana Toney, Amy Glass
Laura Logan and Kaylee Tierney
Available at Obsolete
David Livingston and Katherine Jacobus; Torri Tacchi and Sarah Puls
Beth Lisick and Arlene Klatte
Shirley Robertson, Shannon Bavaro; Amy Glass, Sobia Shaikh
Angelique Griepp, Susan Dunlevy and Suzanne Levit
Maximilian Armour, Monica Maduro, Vaughan Woodson, Eoin Harrington
Ken Fulk and Andrea Stanford; Gabriella Sarlo, David Kensington
Ned Topham, Kathy Topham and Ed Hardy
Morgan Chu and Mariana Ainza; Michael Burg and Patty Mozart
Jay Jeffers, Michael Purdy and Adam P. Gale
Melissa Davis, Aida Orphan and Shannon Smith
Deborah Alice Miller, Sarah Van Der Mijnserugge; Topher Delaney, Bruce Pellegier
Xiao Jun Lee, Junning Lee, Yuan Yuan Tan; Hilary Armstrong, Marybeth LaMotte, Julie Ader
Waldo Gibson, Jonathan Straley, Robert Woodworth
Quinn Morgan, Linda Bettencourt


Tina Helland, Stanlee Gatti, Vaughan Woodson

Shopping: Obsolete [411 Vermont Street, San Francisco] Further Information: “Obsolete: A Cabinet of Well-Curated Curiosities” [] Photos: Steve Jennings [] Photos: Drew Altizer []