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Obama at the Getty Manse

Obama at the Getty Manse

Obama at the Getty Manse | SFLUXE

SFluxe was not one of the attendees at the Barack Obama fundraiser at Ann and Gordon Getty’s Pacific Heights mansion last week, but we have Drew Altizer’s photos from the day, and can at least see what it would have been like to be there. And now you can too! Enjoy.

peter getty
Peter Getty and his mother Ann Getty overlook the presentation.
Alan Reid, Barack Obama, Gordon Getty

Ann Getty, Peter Pastreich, Jamie Whittington
Avram Miller, Deborah Neasi Miller, Matthew Cowan

Lauren Hall, Julie Regal, Sue Fisher King

Joel Swisher, Huberta Dewitty, James Davis

Barack Obama, Bonnie Raitt

Jason Hartley, Fariba Rezvani

Dawn Ross, Doug Hickey

Bonnie Raitt, Kamala Harris

Jeanette Webber, Franz Webber

Jim Halligan, Marguerite Atkins

Laurie Erhlich, Sandy Mandel

Doug Abby, Nancy Abby

Lisa Goldman, Penny Coulter

Susan Kupfer, Marna Skaar

Mike Kemmitt, Terry Kemmitt

Barack Obama, Yvette Robins, Kevin McBride

Photos: Drew Altizer []