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Nordstrom Fall Fashion Show

Nordstrom Fall Fashion Show

Nordstrom Fall Fashion Show | SFLUXE

Charisse Nash arrives in style at the Nordstrom Designer Preview

We recently had the pleasure of attending the annual Nordstrom Designer Preview fashion show which raises funds for Raphael House, the city’s oldest shelter for families in need.

SFLuxe’s Selena-Renee Russ remarked afterwards that “It seemed like all of fashionable San Francisco was at the event! The crowd looked even more fabulous than some of the models.”

How true! Here are some highlights.

Front Row Sisters: Elizabeth Touw, Keylee Sanders, Kimberly Miller, Andrea Schnitzer minutes before the start of the show

Amy Glass and Sobia Shaikh chat with a friend

Elizabeth Thieriot with her son Josh Horowitz

After the show, Elizabeth tried on numerous items, including this red Valentino showstopper. There are very few women in San Francisco society who can wear a dress like this the way it was meant to be worn, and as you can see, she is one of them!

There were several looks on the runway that seemed to please the audience, and had women placing orders. (You can see more looks from the show at

Sarah Granger (Editor of with Nadine Weil

Elizabeth Thompson with Josh Horowitz

Justin Fichelson and Elyssa Thorp

Josh Horowitz, Alan Malouf, Damion Matthews

And if you are as surprised as we were to see Alan Malouf in — gasp — jeans, then just settle down, because…

(photo: sfluxe)

… they’re Brioni!

That’s right. Brioni jeans! We don’t even have words for how damn chic that is.

(photo: sfluxe)

Claudia Ross was Chair for the event, putting together an absolutely flawless event which should please Raphael House and Nordstrom as much as it pleased the guests.

Claudia Ross in Donna Karan with Kim Lucas, Alan Morrell

Claudia with Ludmilla Eggelton

Claudia with Brandy Schnitzer and Andrea Schnitzer

Melissa Barber

Melissa Barber with designer Lisa Alexander

Lisa Alexander

Elizabeth Touw

Becky vanZyll, in Marni

Karen Caldwell, Nona Rai

Joel Goodrich, Christopher Bently

Sobia Shaikh, Amy Glass

Mireille Schwartz, in a Desigual coat from Barcelona, with Damion Matthews

Amber Marie Bently with husband Christopher Bently

(photo: sfluxe)

Amber Marie Bently with her chic goddaughter in Nordstrom dress and Chanel bag

Sexy Young Things: Sarah Banna, Matt Heagy, Taylor Reynolds

The delightful Susanne van Hecke (she’s like a modern Angie Dickinson) with Brittany Watkins

Arnold Laub, Betty Kay Coakley, Elyssa Thorp, Brian Wilsey

Sarah Abramson, Shana Klimeczko

Kendra Quintella, Jessica Engberg

Cara Cutter

Kimberly Miller, Keylee Sanders

Beth Johnson, Heidi Sabelhaus

Kristen O’Donnell, Lindsay Hessler, Alex Fagersten