Nordstrom Designer Preview | SFLUXE 1

Nordstrom Designer Preview

The crowd at last week’s preview of the fall designer collections for Nordstrom were just as chic and sexy as the models on the runway. Several Friends of SFluxe were there, looking absolutely marvelous!

The absolute knockout of the evening was (as usual) Karen Caldwell. How fabulous is she in Drew Altizer’s photo? The posture, the figure, the dress, the hair –just a dream. She moves like a ballet dancer who became a fashion model then married a prince!

The always glamorous Kimberly Bakker looked great both with the red coat and without.

Interestingly, some of the most creative fashion of the evening was from the men, like Chris Bently, John Hadeed, Jorge Maumer and Joel Goodrich. The foursome brought graphic black-and-white into living color. Great style, guys!