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Nob Hill Glamour

The Chronicle’s magazine “SFis” continues its excellent coverage of the best in San Francisco design this month when Carolyne Zinko takes us into the Nob Hill residence of architect Andrew Skurman and his wife Francoise.

The Skurmans transformed the 2,000 square foot residence into a one-bedroom apartment with a huge living area to showcase their collection of art, which includes large paintings by Alessandro Twombly and Damien Hirst. They worked with Orlando Diaz-Azcuy in the design, which features lacquered walls and silver leaf ceilings.

As Ms. Zinko notes, it is “not the kind of place where you can eat a drippy peanut butter and jelly sandwich or spill a glass of red wine.”

You can see more photos and read all about this beautiful residence at SFis.

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