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New Corniches Shelves Available at Vitra

Corniches Shelves
New Corniches shelves have been designed for Vitra.

The French designers Erwan Bouroullec and Ronan Bouroullec have just added brand new colors for Vitra in terms of their famous Corniches shelves.

Corniches Shelves
These Corniches shelves are created by the Bouroullec brothers Erwan and Ronan.

For the new Corniches shelves, the Bouroullec brothers opted for orange, dark grey and khaki to match the former red, black and white colors that they had already made for Vitra in 2012.

Corniches Shelves
The Bouroullec brothers have added three new color options to the Corniches shelves.

The Corniches shelves basically work as a storage shelving system that has rounded undersides and can be mounted onto walls to come up with helpful and attractive surfaces. The Corniches shelves are made out of ASA plastic, have a glossy finish, and are available in various sizes and shapes, depending on each person's needs.

Corniches Shelves
The Corniches shelves are available in different sizes and shapes, as well.

Aside from the Corniches shelves, the suspension lamps made by the Bouroullec brothers are currently under production with Flos. They also have an exhibition currently ongoing basedeon their career at Paris' Les Arts Décoratifs museum.

As for Vitra, they have recently released new reissues and updates from Jean Prouve, a French designer.