New Clothes and Old Bags

Here are two events SFluxe is looking forward to on Friday the 19th. The first is the grand opening of Eco Citizen at 1488 Vallejo Street (from 5 – 8 pm.) The shop is a “high-end eco-boutique” specialising in women’s and men’s clothing that meets their standards of being organic, sweat-shop free, “green” (made of eco-friendly textiles like bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, etc..) But here’s the thing — while I haven’t been to the shop yet, I suspect it has some really fabulous things because the designers are all really young and hip, like Sara Shepherd, who graduated from the Academy of Art University in 2005 and was featured this year at Gen Art.

The designers Sara Shepherd, Del Forte, Kelly B., and Turk & Taylor, will be at Eco Citizen this Friday (Oct. 19th, 2007) from 5 – 8, so it’s a great opportunity to get some individual attention from some true fashion experts.

The other fun Friday event is This Old Bag, the third annual benefit for the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (sorry, but tickets are completely sold out.) The BCEF is such a wonderful organization — even if you weren’t able to get a ticket for This Old Bag I hope you consider sending a donation anyway. So far they have awarded over 650 grants to men and women who are going through breast cancer and were unable, due to their illness, to pay rent, utilities or medical bills.